I never know where my inspiration for the Monday message will come from. I have to tell you, it sounds really strange saying “my inspirations.” 

Anyway, Dori is reading Pamela Anderson’s autobiography – Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth.  Here is a section from the book I wanted to share: 

To the young girls and boys out there who are painting their own lives, winging it. You are not crazy. You are brave like me. Independent thinking and disobedience are important. You are going to be okay. I wish someone had told me that, and if they did that, I’d believed them. 

My favorite part is that disobedience is important, and secondly, “I wish I’d believed them.” 

As you go into your week, how are you going to be disobedient? 

I am here.

Life is good.

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